SW-GROW Conference 6 September 2022

The final SW-GROW conference will be hosted by UHI Outer Hebrides on 6th September 2022 in Stornoway. Results from the last 3 years will be presented by partners.

The objective of the project has been to increase economic opportunities in the seaweed industry by developing innovative working practices that can be widely adopted by SMEs involved in the industry and to develop quality seaweed products of consistent standard that are identifiable and can be clearly branded.

The key areas presented by Partners will be:

  • Drying, demonstration of web-based App for energy Assessment for SMEs (Outer Hebrides UHI)
  • Characterisation, Carbon and nitrogen, ash and calorimetric content (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
  • Comparison of Drying Methods and characteristics of seaweed based on seasons (Arktisk Teknologi Center, Greenland)
  • Cultivation quality and growing guidance for the NPA region.  Renewable energy using hydro power (Tari – Faroes)
  • Use of shared infrastructure / resource opportunities (Údarás na Gaeltachta)
  • DNA data base of seaweed species, characterisation of genetic markers , an NPA seaweed genetic database and testing kit for NPA seaweed provenance (NUI Galway)
  • Waste to fuel and Biofuel production (University of Iceland)
  • Launch of SW-GROW brand / Marketing and cultural story of seaweed (An Lanntair )
  • Traditional culinary uses of seaweed in the Western Isles (Alasdair MacLeod)

The conference will give academics, local businesses and the public the opportunity to hear more about the project, view demonstrations of new digital apps and seaweed drying process and discuss the development of a new seaweed genetic database.

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